Te Araroa – Day 133

Invercargill to Bluff - 34km - 2996km total, but I'm rounding up 3000km, ๐Ÿ’ฅ It is over. I have walked the length of New Zealand, with some canoeing and biking thrown in for good measure. I started walking at 8am this morning, just as it was becoming light. However, even with the risen sun, visibility … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 133

Te Araroa -Day 129-130

Day 129 - Merrivale There was a severe weather warning for the South Island of NZ particularly down south. The fiordland got most of it with the Southland where I currently am on. The TA getting less. However, when I woke up to the sound of rain and knowing up tp 40mm was predicted over … Continue reading Te Araroa -Day 129-130

Te Araroa – Day 128

Birchwood to Merrivale - 26km (2859km total) This morning started with some fun. It was a short road walk to the Woodlaw Track. However, as I was walking there I saw some hikers coming in the opposite direction. My first thought was northbounders, but they shouldn't be this far south at this time of year … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 128