Te Araroa -Day 129-130

Day 129 - Merrivale There was a severe weather warning for the South Island of NZ particularly down south. The fiordland got most of it with the Southland where I currently am on. The TA getting less. However, when I woke up to the sound of rain and knowing up tp 40mm was predicted over … Continue reading Te Araroa -Day 129-130

Te Araroa – Day 128

Birchwood to Merrivale - 26km (2859km total) This morning started with some fun. It was a short road walk to the Woodlaw Track. However, as I was walking there I saw some hikers coming in the opposite direction. My first thought was northbounders, but they shouldn't be this far south at this time of year … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 128

Te Araroa – Day 122

Queenstown (Greenstone Carpark) to Taipo Hut - 23km (2690km total) The track ends at Queenstown and hikers need to work out how to get around Lake Wakatipu to where the trail starts again at Greenstone carpark. Some people hitch, others go and walk the Routeburn (one of NZ great walks) and then join back up … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 122