Te Araroa – Day 50

QaZZWhakapapa River to Tongariro Holiday Park - 35km (1096 km total) Coming out of Owhanga is a quad bike trail known as the 42 traverse, which the Te Araroa Trail follows. The day started out great. Nice wide trail through forest with lots of little streams to cross. Our lunch break was at a river … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 50

Te Araroa – Day 48 and 49

Day 49 was a day off in Taumarunui which was spent relaxing and organizing the canoe section of the trail which is coming up after the next leg. Day 50 Taumarunui to Whakapapa River - 28km (1060km total) The day started with a chai latte before I walked out of town. When the day begins … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 48 and 49

Te Araroa – Day 46

Piropiro Campsite to Ongarue Campsite - 42km (1006km total) BAM! Two milestones today. Walked the same amount of kilometres as a marathon (look out olympics, here I come (once I shave about 7 hours off my time! πŸ˜‰)) and crossed the 1000km mark. That means I have done a third of the trail, now I … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 46

Te Araroa – Day 45

Naherenga Campsite to Piropiro Campsite πŸ• - 37km (967km total) What a difference twenty four hours makes. Whereas yesterday was one of the most boring days on trail, today was one of the best. Last night was New Years, but like the hikers we are, we were tucked up in our tents by 8pm. However, … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 45

Te Araroa – Day 5

Ahipara to Kaitaia - 15km (116km total) Today was thankfully a shorter day. I had a lazy morning at the holiday park in Ahipara and even did some washing, although I'm not sure how much washing helps the smell. I updated this blog and instagram and checked out at 10am. I then walked back down … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 5

Te Araroa – Day 4

Utea Park to Ahipara - 31km (101km total) The last time my feet hurt this much was after climbing Half Dome in Yosemite in the States. However, the day following that endeavor, all I had to do was sit in a car to San Francisco. Not so now, tomorrow I get to do more walking! … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 4

Te Araroa – Day 3

Maunganui Bluff Campsite to Utea Park - 30km (70km total) As I lay sleeping during the night, I was awoken to the sound of hooves. Not just any hooves, but large cantering ones aiming straight for me or at least that is what is sounded like in the middle of the night. The Bluff campsite … Continue reading Te Araroa – Day 3