Great South West Walk GSWW – Day 1

I’m finally getting around to updating this blog. The things you have time to do in a pandemic! The posts that I hope to put out over the next week are from the Aussie summer over Christmas and January, when I got to do a few shorter hikes here in Oz. I hope these posts provide for some light reading while we are all dreaming of the day we can hike again.

Nelson to Patterson’s Camp – 22km

What does one do when visiting their family for Christmas/Summer holidays and discovers there is a 250km loop walk half an hour drive from their place?

Hike it of course.

Most people start this hike in Portland, which is the major town the hike goes through. They also do it anti-clockwise. I think they do this to start with the easier section of the track along the river, before the harder section with more elevation gain and loss along the coast. I however have started it at Nelson because that is the closest point of the track to my parents place, for them to drop me off. I am also doing it clockwise, because I wanted to also start with the easier section along the river.

With only 22km to do from Nelson. I was in no rush. I got my Mum to drop me off mid afternoon after lunch and it was a lovely stroll for the day along the river bank most often up in the escarpment looking down on the river.

Walking along the Glenelg River

There were lots of lovely views for the day along the river. I saw a gazillion wallabies but they were all too skittish for me to get a photo of them. I also saw an Echidna who I got some video of but mostly he wanted to burrow into the ground.

My friend for the night

At camp there is a kangaroo who isn’t too skittish so I got a photo of him. At camp I also discovered that I packed my wrong tent. I put my freestanding one that needs poles in my non freestanding cover, but alas I don’t have the poles for that one. Only my hiking poles. It’s not too big an issue. It is summer, so cowboy camping is fine and tonight I’m alone at the campsite, so can even cowboy under the shelter on the table. That is probably not going to be an option every night, but for tonight it is good. There are however a gazillion animals. Wallabies thumping around. Koalas grunting up in the trees and apparently a possum that dances on the very table I’m sleeping on. So we will see how well I sleep.

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to be out hiking again.

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