PCT Day 155

Spring Campsite to Hopkins Lake – 30 miles (48km) – 2647 miles total

T-1 to Canada. Today is my last full day of hiking and I am so excited about so many things. I’m excited about not eating pop tarts again, eating fresh food, sleeping in a real bed with a real pillow. I’m excited that today was my last 30 mile day, maybe ever. I’m excited not to carry a heavy backpack all day. But I’m also sad. I love hiking, I love being outdoors. I love living with what I can carry on my back. I love the simplicity of life in the backcountry. I love risings with the sun and sleeping when it sets. I love being with my friends. However, mostly I am excited.

The day started with a downhill in the cold and fog to Hart’s Pass. The thermometer at the rangers station said it was 38F or 4C, not warm.

Then the climbing began. The sun came out around 10.30am and I immediately stopped to dry my tent. After that there were more ups and downs, but at least I could see views as the sun came out. I kept leapfrogging with another hiker, which was super annoying. I like having distance between myself and others, so that I know I’m not holding them up or I don’t need to overtake them. Finally with 10 miles to go for the day, I got sick of the leap frogging and knew that if I let him go ahead, then he’d soon stop and the cycle would happen again. So I put my skates on and motored it up the last two climbs. Half way up the first climb, it became a ridge walk which continued for the rest of the afternoon with some beautiful views. I stopped to eat more huckleberries and then kept motoring. At the top of the last climb, I said Ahoy to Canada in the distance and motored down to camp. Consequently, I was at camp by 6pm having done 30 miles in 11 hours with over 6000ft, 2000m of elevation gain throughout the day.

Mountain berries

Tomorrow we will have a bit of a sleep in before doing the last 6 miles to the border, then 8 miles in Canada to Manning Park.

Top of my last climb on the PCT – Ahoy Canada! 🇨🇦

Today I am thankful for a lot of lasts.

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