PCT Day 153

Highbridge (Stehekin) to Bridge Creek – 17 miles (27km) – 2589 miles total

T-3 Days remaining and only 63 miles to Canada!

It rained overnight, but I think I’ve finally worked out my ground sheet/tent so that water doesn’t flow in under the tent and I wake up in a pool. It was nice to sleep in a bit, I watched an episode of Parks and Rec on my phone while it rained outside before packing up camp and heading to the buffet breakfast at 7.30am.

The morning was full of town chores. Laundry (nearly everything I own was wet or soggy, so it was great to wash and dry it all). I dried my tent out, partly by using the hand dryer in the restrooms. I picked up my resupply box from the post office and sorted all my food and bag, by that time it was 11.30am and I ran to get the shuttle back to the trailhead. The shuttle again stopped at the bakery, which was amazing. Then it was time to start walking. Thankfully the rain had mostly stopped. The hike for the day was all up hill. From highbridge the trail climbs for 22 miles up 6500ft. Thankfully that is a pretty mellow gradient over that distance, with only the occasional short steep climb.

Fat little Pika

In the distance were mountain with fresh dusting of snow on them from the rain the last few days. A few hikers have said that they have been snowed on while hiking at elevation. At the moment the snow is not sticking at the elevation of the trail, only on the high mountain tips. But it is a good reminder of why they say to finish the trail before October 1st, by which time heavy snow usually starts coming.

At camp again there are mice running around. Grr.

Today I am thankful for bakeries.

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