PCT Day 152

Miners Creek to Highbridge Rangers Station (Stehekin) – 23 miles (37 km) – 2572 miles total

I got an early start in the morning as I wanted to make the 3pm shuttle into town and the last week or so I’ve only been averaging 2.5 miles an hour. Thankfully it didn’t rain overnight so I got to pack up a dry tent. However, that didn’t last long.

I started hiking at 6am. It was still darkish, particularly in the forest. So I started with my head lamp on. After about 20 minutes it was light enough to turn it off. I finished the climb to Cloudy Pass Junction. My top half was dry but my bottom half and shoes and socks were all wet from the brush. The last few days with continued wet feet have caused the tops of my toes to rub red raw. So at the campsite the others stayed at last night. I sat on the box privy and taped my toes. Yes, that is about as hiker trash as you can get.

Washington Privy

About 15 minutes after I started hiking again. It started raining and didn’t stop for 4-5 hours. The rain I can cope with, my umbrella works great, but when you are walking through shoulder high brush, you can help but get wet. It was miserable and slightly cold. Thankfully as I was getting cold, it stopped raining and I warmed up at bit. The trail was also easier than I predicted so I made it to the rangers station in time, with out needing to rush.

At the station waiting for the bus were some older lady day hikers. I chatted to them in the vain hope they might take pity on me and give me somewhere warm to stay tonight (the lodge at Stehekin was booked out when we checked back at Steven’s Pass. Unfortunately, they did not take the hint or I didn’t seem pitiful enough.

I boarded the bus and Z came running up. Turns out we had slept at the same campsite, but I never knew because it was dark when he got there.

S had texted his Garmin saying we had a place to stay tonight. I was so excited about the thought of being out of the rain. However, when we arrived at Stehekin we found out Ka’s Dad had only managed to get a room for two. So the rest of us were camping. I did however shower and put on dry clothes. That made everything better. After dinner I went and set up my tent and then it started raining again 😠.

At the moment I am fairly dry in my tent so let’s hope it stays that way.

Today I am thankful for warm showers.

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