PCT Day 151

Mica Lake to Miners Creek – 28 miles (45km) – 2549 miles total.

T-5 days and just over 100 miles left to Canada. I’m so excited. I woke this morning to a beautiful lake which I had not seen the night before because I was late getting to camp. The sun came out for the briefest of moments as we were packing up. However, by the time I started walking it was all cloudy again.

Mica Lake

Today shouldn’t have been that bad, but it was mostly in the forest all day (boring) and it had slightly more downhill than uphill. The problem was the climbs and descents were long and steep-ish. There were two climbs for the day each over 3000ft (1000m) which were slow going. Then the descents were wet and therefore muddy and slippery, so I took my time so as to not fall on my butt. I succeeded in not falling on my butt, but at the cost of a slow day. It is fair to say that I am over Washington’s climbs that go on forever.

Thankfully the weather today was a lot better than yesterdays. It did rain but not much. The worst was the same as yesterday. Everything is just a little wet, so as you push through the branches and growth over hanging the trail, you get wet.

I have another mouse or mice going crazy on my tent again tonight. Oh Washington. I will not miss your mice, climbs or wetness.

Today I am thankful for patches of sunshine.

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