PCT Day 150

Campsite mile 2505 to Mica Lake – 15 miles (24 km) – 2520 miles total

The predicted rains came in over night and continued in the morning. The worst was meant to clear by early afternoon, so I laid in my tent reading and watching TV. Slowly, everyone started to pack up and brave the weather, but I continued to lay in my tent not wanting to leave until the worst of it had past.

I finally packed up and left just before 1.30pm, but I was not worried as the plan was to only do 15-16 miles that day. As the next camp sites were 23-26 miles away. About half an hour after I started hiking the rain stopped. However, the trail was mostly through brush for most of the day, so I got wet anyway as it overhung the path. I got my tent inner out and attempted to dry in by flapping it as I walked. That was only semi successful. Because there was no sun and it was cold, it didn’t really dry, so instead I tucked it into my rain jacket against my body, hoping that my body heat would dry it. It did a little but it was so wet that it was still wet/damp when I went to set it up that night.

Moody views

There was a lot of up hill today, so the miles didn’t come quickly. When I still had over 7 miles to go at 5pm with more uphill. I realised I wouldn’t be making the 15 mile campsite before dark. I would have stopped at the top of the climb to camp but I didn’t have enough water with me so I got my headlamp out and hiked in the clouds to Mica Lake, where I came upon everyone else in there tents.

I set up and ate dinner. Hearing Ka complain of a mouse. I shouldn’t have laughed because it is now running around and scaling the mesh of my tent.

Today I am thankful for tents to lay in our if the rain.

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