PCT Day 149

Campsite 2477 to campsite 2505 – 28 miles (45km) – 2505 miles total

It rain a little bit over night but not too bad. It wasn’t raining when I woke up in the morning so I got my tent packed up without getting the inner wet. Although the fly was wet.

The trail went up and down all day. It really is letting us go out with a bang, no easing us to Canada, but making us earn every mile with the climbs and rocks…and now also muddy and slightly slippery trail from the rain.

There were no view in the morning, but as the day wore on the cloud lifted to give some impressive yet cloudy views. The trail was lined with huckleberries and blueberries all day, which slowed us down a lot as we stopped to pick and eat them.

Break in the rain and an unsuccessful tent drying attempt

In the afternoon the sun attempted to shine through for 10 minutes. So I stoped and tried to dry my tent. The sun wasn’t strong enough to dry it. So I walked along carrying it and flapping it. That got it from wet to damp before the next rain shower came and I put it away.

Huckleberry picking

I’ve started a countdown. Today is T-7 until Canada 🇨🇦 and Vancouver and no more walking in the rain.

Today I am thankful for blueberries.

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