PCT Days 147-148

Day 146 Leavenworth

An unplanned day off, it was great. Breakfast was at the motel. It was basic with cereal, yoghurt and waffles, but it was still good. I then went back to bed and watched TV. By that time, the others had texted and were 2-5 miles away from Stevens Pass and would hitch in to Leavenworth. So I rebooked the room for another night and knowing that I didn’t need to check out I kept watching TV.

The others I’d shared the room with left to hike out and shortly after Ka and S arrived. We went to resupply at Safeway. Then headed into town to enjoy the little Bavarian town. We went to a German beer Haus, I tried one of their bratwurst hotdogs. It was ok. We hung out there for the rest of the afternoon and early evening while the others arrived.

It was then off to another motel to do laundry. Then Maccas on the way back to our motel before turning in for the night.

Today I am thankful for unplanned days off.

Day 147 – Stevens Pass to Campsite 2477 – 12 miles (21 km) – 2477 miles total

We did breakfast at Starbucks and then a bakery before returning to pack up all our stuff. Ka, S, B and I all got a hitch out of town in the back of a pick up for the 30 miles. As we headed back up to the pass it got colder and cloudier and Rainy. At the pass we beelined it for the cafe at the ski lodge to get hot drinks and question our lives. It is meant to be cold and rainy for the next 5 days. Not pleasant to hike in, when you get wet and can’t get dry. However, one we are at Stehekin the weather should get slightly better between there and the border.

Hiking out of Leavenworth
Hitch in the back of a pick up to Stevens Pass

None of us wanted to leave the cafe, but finally we did. It was sent too bad. Once hiking we warmed up, however there wasn’t much to see with all the clouds. The rain mostly stayed away with the occasional drizzle until it was time to set up camp, then it started to rain. I stood around under my umbrella waiting for a break in the rain to set up my tent. Success, my tent remained dry and I jumped in and may never get back out. So not looking forward to the next few days.

Today I am thankful for warm cafes.

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