PCT Day 146

Campsite 2440 to Steven Pass – 24 miles (38km) – 2464 miles total

It didn’t rain over night which was really nice. So my tent was mostly dry in the morning apart from a few tree drops.

It was only 24 miles to Stevens Pass, which on a normal day should be possible by mid-late afternoon. However, on the steep terrain of the cascades and rocks it was 6pm by the time I made it to the pass. Despite some ridiculously steep climbs and rocky sections, it was a beautiful day, with the clouds clearing and some lovely views.

In the morning there was a river/creek crossing which my foot slipped off of a slippery rock, so with one wet foot I then decided to just plough straight into the water and through.

I arrived at Stevens Pass and got a hitch into town. It was one of the more interesting hitches I’ve had. It was a pick up and moving truck. Our bags went in the moving truck and then I rode in the front of the pick up between two guys and the others in the moving truck. There was pot and possibly moonshine in the bottle, not likely water! But the guys were lovely, one told me all about his life and the other just kept interrupting with none related things to show me photos on his phone. It was a hilarious social experiment.

In town I grabbed a room with the other hikers and enjoyed the luxuries of town.

Today I am thankful for hiker friendships.

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