PCT Day 144

Snoqualmie Pass to Dutch Miller Gap Trail – 12 miles (21 km) – 2405 miles total

It was great to be inside with the rain pouring outside. We went to breakfast at the pancake house attached to the restaurant. Then returned to lounge around in the room until late check out at 12pm. It was great.

We then got lunch from the ardvark express food truck. They were great to hikers giving them a free beer. I took a soda because I don’t like beer and I had a delicious wrap. It was then time to head out.

Not wanting to head out into the rain

We had heard about an alternate route that supposedly cut 5-7 miles off the PCT and was originally the PCT. I’m all for not walking as many miles, so I took the alternative while the others took the PCT. I’m not sure if it will be any quicker, I’ll see tomorrow.

The alternative originally climbed out of Snoqualmie Pass to Snow Lake which was beautiful. The trail then descended a very rocky path to Goldmyer Hotsprings. This part of the trail took ages because of the rocks. So I’ve probably done the equivalent of 7-8 pct miles, but saved myself a whole heap of elevation. The track for tomorrow should be quicker and I’ll see if it gets me back to the PCT any quicker or easier than the others had it.

Snow Lake

Tonight I’m camp on the side of a fire service trail. I set up my tent just as the rain started. Here’s hoping that tonight I do not end up in a puddle.

Today I am thankful for beautiful lakes.

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