PCT Day 143

Campsite 2377 to Snoqualmie Pass – 16 miles (25 km) – 2393 miles total

It rained over night and because I had sent my tent up in a semi ditch it became a channel for water and I woke up with a puddle in my tent. Thankfully it could have been worse. My sleeping pad mostly kept me elevated above the puddle and my sleeping bag only got a bit wet. It was also town day, so I would have an opportunity to dry everything out.

After lying in our tents not wanting to get out into the wet we finally started hiking around 7am. The track in the morning wasn’t too bad but there was a lot more elevation gain than I was expecting or like. The climb up to mirror lake and twin lakes junction felt like it went on forever, even though it didn’t. It felt like it. After that it should have been all mostly downhill to town and it kind of was, but then the rocks started which made for slow going. When I finally made it out of the forest and could see town below, I beelined it off trail, down the ski slopes and directly into town.

I met the others at the brewery, got some food and then headed for the hotel to get all my stuff dried out. I then spent a lovely night not on my feet watching The Shawshank Redemption.

Today I am thankful for dry hotels.

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