PCT Day 142

Mike Urich Cabin to campsite 2377 – 30 miles (48km) – 2377 miles total

There were mice running around the cabin last night, so it wasn’t the best night sleep as I heard them scurry past my head.

There was a lot of elevation gain and loss today. There were a few good view points, but mostly it was in the forest. Rain was predicted to start today, so we tried to make it as far as possible before stopping for a break.

Rainier again

There was trail magic at one of the dirt roads, it was good to get a soda. However, soon after arriving the sky turned and drops of rain started coming down. So we hustled out of there to make it 2 miles to the water and campsite.

The rain held off and we set up camp with out it pouring. It is now raining as we are safely in our tents, but it is not too heavy. Hopefully it will hold off until after we make it to Snoqualmie Pass tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for rain that held off.

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