PCT Day 141

Chinook Pass to Mike Urich Cabin – 23 miles (37km) – 2347 miles total

It was lovely to sleep in, in a real bed. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the morning of fruit, yoghurt, granola and breakfast muffin. It was so good. At 9 we left to go back to trail. As we drove back up to the mountains, it started to lightly rain. There is meant to be a lot of rain in a couple of days, but we are hoping to make it to Snoqualmie to dry out and sit out the worst of it. But when it was raining as we arrived back at the trail head none of us wanted to leave. We donned rain gear and set out. However, the rain soon cleared and the sun came out leaving a warm day.

The views with the clouds in the valley were magical. There was also another view of Rainier. The afternoons hike was through a burn area. Late in the afternoon there was thunder in the distance. Thankfully it didn’t get close to us, but it was loud.

As the afternoon wore on the trail changed to pine forest and it descended into misty clouds. Which reminded me of the scenery in the Twilight films. Which makes sense since it was filmed in Washington, but over in the Olympias. The goal for the night was a ski hut on trail in case weather did come in.

Cabin with very active mice

We made it, but there are mice. So here is hoping we hung our food good enough to stop the mice.

Today I am thankful for pretty cloud forests.

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