PCT Day 140

Two Lakes Trail to Chinook Pass – 9 miles (15km) – 2324 miles total

It was a lovely short day with views of Mt Rainier in the morning and then down to Chinook Pass. Once we were a miles or so out from the pass there were day hikers galore.

Rainier in the morning

We were met at Chinook Pass by Ka’s family friends. Who took us back to their home about an hour away from the trail and an hour outside of Seattle. It was lovely to be in a real home. We were treated to real food and a chance just to sit and relax. Then that night we watched a Packers vs Bears game and I made Ka and F teach me American Football.

Ah, a real house

F and I shared a King size bed and it was the best night sleep. We laughed that the two shortest people got the biggest bed in the house. It was luxurious. I didn’t even know that there was someone else in the bed.

Today I am thankful for the generosity of trail family friends.

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