PCT Day 138

Walupt Creek to White Pass – 26 miles (42km) – 2295 miles total

Today was a tough but amazing day. It had a lot of climbs in it, but the effort was worth it for the views.

The trail went through Goat Rocks Wilderness today, which is known for its spectacular views and ridge walking.

There were great views looking back of Mt Adams and awesome views looking forward of Mt Rainer and Goat Rocks. Although we saw no rocks. We took the alternate high route (knifes edge) which was slightly longer and had more elevation gain, but I loved it. It is the sort of hiking I like. Although all the elevation gain and loss, plus hiking on rocks and scree did mean that by 11.30am we had only done 11 miles.

Morning hiking
My Adams
On top of knifes edge alternate route. Ahoy Rainer
Ridge top walking

Thankfully the remaining 15 to Whites Pass were slightly easier with only one more steep climb over 3.5 miles.

We made it to the store at Whites Pass just under an hour before it closed and got to have a shower. I also got a coke and chocolate for dessert.

It was lovely to be at camp so early. We ate and then I discovered I had cell service, so called a friend back home.

Today I am thankful for ridge top hiking.

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