PCT Day 137

Riley Creek to waluput Creek – 30 miles (48 km) – 2269 miles total

It was cold overnight and there was a lot of condensation making for a wet tent to pack up. My aim for the day was to make it to the reported trail magic in 14 miles before they left at 12pm. My plan was to leave at 6am to get there by 11am a full hour before they packed up to give myself a chance of still getting food. However, I slept through my alarm and woke up at 5 to 6. So I left at 6.30 instead.

The morning had a bit of up and down, with some good views of Mt Adams and a slightly sketchy river crossing on logs, but I took it slow and it was fine.


After that the trail cruised and I was able to make it to trail magic by 11.10am. I was treated to soda, pancakes and a cheeseburger. At 11.59 S came running up asking if he had made it in time. They cooked him a cheeseburger too. I dried out my stuff and we sat there for a good hour waiting for the others who never came, so we decided to keep hiking. It was 11 or 16 miles to water and camping. I was all for getting to the one in 16 miles until I started walking again. I found the afternoon really tough and my feet hurt despite not being hard terrain. I got to the 11 mile site just as S was about to hike out. We compromised and settle in hiking to the next water in 4.1 miles instead of the campsite in 4.8. Surprisingly, those 4 miles were easier than the previous 11. Today there was great views of Mt Rainer, which will get better in the coming days.

Today I am thankful for trail magic.

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