PCT Day 135

Mile 2195 campsite to Trout Lake Creek – 29 miles (46km) – 2224 miles total

During the night there was a really weird sound. I thought it sounded slightly mechanical like a cross between an alarm and a whistle. Bonus, who I was camped with thought it sounded more human like. Neither of us knew what it was. Bonus suggested Yeti. I’m willing to get on board with that. However, it possibly was a mountain lion! 😬 They are know to make weird high pitch noises. #mystery

450 miles to go

Back in Cascade Locks, I got my boots back that I wore for 350ish miles in the Sierra. Because I didn’t do heaps of miles in them, they are still in good condition. The plan was to use them for Washington and not buy another new pair of shoes. However, when not on snow and doing high mileage, the boots suck. It is like I have concrete slabs on my feet. They are fine in the morning, but after 5-10 miles it feels like my feet are being bruised with every step. I’d order new shoes but the problem is that it is a long weekend and they won’t arrive to my next resupply point in 3 days in time. So that means waiting another week after that for new shoes and I’m not sure I can walk that far on concrete. By lunch time today, I was over my shoes, so I asked to borrow S’s camp sandals. I was walking in socks and sandals that were way to big, but I was now walking on a rubber sole and not on concrete it made all the difference. Here’s hoping I can find a better solution before another week passes.

The trail today was much easier. It still had a few climbs but they were much shorter and there was also a fair amount of downhill. At one point we had a nice view of Mt Adams. The most disturbing thing for the day was the hunters that were out with rifles. Pretty sure it is not hunting season yet and I question what they are going to shot from trail, with so many people out on trails in the area. Surely, that is not safe!

Today I am thankful for sandals.

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