PCT Days 132-133

Day 131 – Cascade Locks

It was a day off. My first since Ashland. However, like all days off it is spent doing chores and I had a long list. I got the blog updated. Called people at home. Waxed my legs. Went to Hood River to Walmart to resupply. Sorted out the food for the resupply boxes to send ahead to Washington and downloaded more audio books and podcasts.

I also tried to walk as little as possible and laid on the bed in the motel room not using my feet.

Day 132 – Cascade Locks to Rock Creek – 19 miles (29km) – 2166 miles total

Today was a fun day. It started with meeting R, F, Ka and S for breakfast at a place that is know for its giant soft serve ice cream. So of course we got them. I got a small which was still around 15cm (4 inches) high.

Soft serve for breakfast

I then posted my boxes to Washington and by 10 we were heading to trail. The trail goes over the Bridge of the Gods, which separates Oregon and Washington. It was very exciting to walk into our last state.

It then started raining. Welcome to Washington. Thankfully it was humid so the rain wasn’t cold, but we were all sweating buckets with over 4000ft to climb out of town.

Washington. Only one state left.

The trail was quite pretty today. You could tell we are moving from hot dry forest to forest that sees rain for the majority of the year. It was very lush.

I tried to take a short cut and failed and had to back track adding a mile to my day. At the end of the day we had done 19 miles. My lowest day in a while, but mileage is going to drop in Washington as the terrain and climbs get harder again.

Today I am thankful that I have my umbrella back.

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