PCT Day 131

Mile 2121 camp to Cascade Locks – 26 miles (42 km) – 2147 miles total

It was incredibly windy last night, but I was surprised how well my tent held up in the wind. It was so windy that I didn’t hear my alarm going off. So I woke up at 5.40am, when I’d planned to start hiking at 6am. I actually managed to pack up pretty quickly and was hiking shortly after 6am.

The mornings hike was a lot of up hill and down dale. Including a very windy ridge walk where I almost got blown off trail. Shortly after I saw a road near the trail and pulled out my map and discovered that it went directly to the lake the trail was heading towards. So of course I took it, I then discovered that it had a lot more elevation gain than the PCT, but because it was more direct it was still a bit faster.

Down, down, down to the Columbia River. Which is huge. Australia’s rivers do not have this much water!

The trail then went down and down and down from over 4000ft all the way down to 77ft, the lowest the trail goes. The switchbacks down were ok until the trail started getting rocky then it became slow and painful. I had seen earlier in the day that half way down there was a side trail to a camping ground further out of town, which I wasn’t going to take, as the Pct looked more direct to town. However, when the trail became rocky, I just wanted to get off the rocks, so took the side trail down and was happy to then road walk into town if it got me off the rocks. I am glad I did, as when I got into town Ka and S had just arrived too and said the trail remained terrible with rocks the rest of the way down.

I then went to the post office to pick up new socks and insoles (here’s hoping I now don’t feel every rock!). Plus my winter gear I sent ahead to here after the Sierra, as we are now at the tail end of summer and heading further north, so cold weather gear will be needed again in Washington.

I’m yet to cross over the Bridge of the Gods which joins Oregon and Washington State, but being in town I am taking it as another state done!

Today I am thankful for the ability to get off rocks.

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