PCT Day 130

Timberline Lodge to 2121 campsite – 24 miles (38km) – 2121 miles total

Breakfast at the lodge started at 7.30am which meant I got a bit of a sleep in! The breakfast was good, but my eyes were bigger than my belly and I ate too much. Surprisingly, I think my stomach has shrunk despite the fact that I eat more than ever, but I put it down to the fact that I eat less volume, but when I do eat on trail it is usually the most high calorie thing i.e. a lot of sugar.

After breakfast I hung out in the lodge for a bit feeling terrible. Then decided that the fastest way to feel better was to start walking.

The morning walk was pretty easy and part way along I ran into another hiker who I walked and talked with for the rest of the morning which made the time go quickly.

I took the side root to Ramona Falls and had lunch there.

Ramona Falls

After lunch I met back up with Ka and S. There was a steep uphill slough, but after that the day was pretty good, just long. Because of the late start after breakfast. We only got 24 miles done by just after 7.30pm, leaving 26 miles to town tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for chats with people that make time go faster.

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