PCT Day 129

Warm Springs River to Timberline Lodge – 32 miles (51km) – 2097 miles total

There was a climb first thing in the morning, but then a lovely gradual descent for 7 miles along beautiful dirt trail with hardly any rocks. Bliss.

I did however have the crap scared out of me, when some horses came cantering up behind me and because I couldn’t see them, it was really loud and I wondered what was making the monsterous sound behind me.

There was a really cool PCT sign in the morning and by late morning we were at little crater lake, which has super clear water.

Little Crater Lake

Then the climbing began and remained for most of the rest of the day. Initially it wasn’t too bad for the next 10 miles which some short down hill reprieves. But the last 5 miles to the lodge was all up hill and moderately steep, with the last section also being sandy, which slows things down.

No to Mountain Lions, yes to Bigfoot sightings πŸ˜‚

Cool things for the day thou, were a yeti sign. Still hoping for a Bigfoot sighting in the Pacific Northwest πŸ˜‚. Seeing Mt Hood get closer until it looked large near Timberline. Making it to Timberline in time for pizza and photo with The Shining axe. Timberline Lodge was the exterior for the hotel used in the movie The Shining. They have a replica axe, which was fun to do a photo shoot with.

Do I look Crazy!?

Today I am thankful for Timberline lodge.

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