PCT Day 128

Whitewater Creek to Warm Springs River – 32 miles (51km) – 1065 miles total

First thing in the morning there was a 12% climb. What’s going on Oregon? I got use to your 4-6% gradient climbs. However, it wasn’t too bad and at the top there was a lovely view looking back to Mt Jefferson and one looking forward to Mt Hood.

It was then just under 10 miles to Ollalie Lake Resort which has a small shop where we could buy cold drinks. That sounded easy enough and mostly downhill, but the trail was so rocky, it made for slow going. The volcanic mountains in the area make for beautiful views but annoying trails, with all the volcanic rock.

Finally, we made it down to Ollalie Lake, where I bought a coke, Gatorade, muffin and some extra snacks for my bag. It was lovely to sit at a picnic table and drink a cold drink with lunch.

Ollalie Lake and Mt Jefferson

The trail after Ollalie Lake was much nicer, mainly a dirt trail and a reasonable amount of downhill, however, the consecutive 30+ days are having a toll on me and by the end of the day my walk was a shuffle.

Today I am thankful for dirt trails.

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