PCT Day 127

2000 mile marker to Whitewater Creek -33 miles (53km) – 2033 miles total

I had received a message the night before saying Ka and S were getting back on trail after a day off in Bend at Hwy 20. I was camped a mile before Hwy 20, so it was exciting to know that I would be catching up with them today.

I also knew that today would be a tough day to do 33 miles, which is the plan for the next 3 days to get to Timberline for the Breakfast buffet on day 4, then get to Cascade Locks. The elevation gain and loss for the day was over 2000m (6000ft) of gain and 1700m (5000ft) of loss. Usually I’m looking for that in loss but not in gain on a 30+ mile day.

The day started out with 4 miles of up before levelling out for a bit and giving me my first view of Mt Jefferson. By mid morning Ka and S had caught up and we spent a bit of time catching up.

My Jefferson

The trail then continued to go up and up, then a bit of down, then up and up and a bit of down for most of the rest of the day. By lunch time I had only done 15 miles, usually I like to have 20 done by that point, but not today.

I then put my head down and charged (which is more like a shuffle theses days) determines not to stop until I had done another 13 miles. I achieved this by 5.30pm and had a short break. With still 5.3 miles to go, all up hill I knew it would be a late one. Again, I put my head down and went making it just after 7.30 that I rolled into camp having done a 33 mile day.

Today I am thankful for views of Mt Jefferson.

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