PCT Day 126

Obsidian Boundry to 2000 mile marker – 26 miles (42km) – 2000 miles total

It rained for most of the night. Actually it probably cleared at some point to light mist in the clouds, but because I was camped among the trees, they dropped on my tent all night making it seem heavier than it was. As I packed up my tent, I packed with it a kilo of water weight.

I woke up early knowing I had a few more miles to do into Big Lake Youth Camp. The morning was lovely. The trail went through red lava rock and in the light and mist of the morning clouds it was beautiful and a rainbow formed at one point.

The one good thing about rain, rainbows.

The first 10 miles went fast. The second not so fast. The trail went over lava rock for 2.5 miles which made for slow hiking. However, the view was amazing. After that I cranked out the miles to Big Lake camp. A campsite that allows hikers to send resupply boxes, shower and do laundry. I didn’t do laundry, but I showered (hot water is amazing, particularly after cold rain). I got my box and ate dinner in their food hall. Real food is also the best. Then I hiked on hoping to get a few more miles done with hopes that I might make it to Timberline lodge in 3 days. I hiked to the 2000 mile marker, took a celebratory photo and called it good for the day. Only 650 miles to go.

Boom 💥

Today I am thankful for the generosity of big lake youth camp.

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