PCT Day 125

Dumbell Lake to Obsidian Boundry – 26 miles (42km) – 1973 miles total

Today did not goes as planned. I knew that there were showers predicted for the afternoon but I wasn’t worried. I had planned to do around 28-29 miles today to leave a 20 mile day tomorrow to Big Lake Youth Camp, where I sent a resupply box and they allow you to eat a meal at the camp. So I left camp just after 6am and thought I would have a reasonable day getting 28 miles done.

I did just under 10 by mid morning and saw the sun going in and out of the clouds, so I stopped and got my tent out to dry which was saturated from condensation of camping next to a lake. I’m glad I stopped when I did and didn’t wait longer as the rain started earlier than predicted at around 11am.

The beginning of the rain

The first lot of rain was light and then eased and I dried a tiny bit, but then it got heavier and didn’t ease. By that time I realised that stopping for lunch would not be pleasant and I would quickly get cold, so I trudged on. By 4pm I was so wet I called it good for the day set up my tent put on dry clothes, cooked a hot meal and got into my sleeping bag. However, by just after 5pm the sun was shining through. As I was short of my intended miles for the day. I packed up camp and was hiking again by 6pm. I reasoned that I could hike until dark as I only needed to set up my tent as I had already had dinner. That also didn’t happen. As I hiked past Obsidian Falls, I walked into cloud that started to drizzle on me, so as soon as I got out of the restricted camping area, I found a flat stop and set up my tent again three miles short of my goal. Rain continues to fall on my tent as I write this. So much for only showers in the afternoon.

Today I am thankful for dry, warm tents.

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