PCT Day 123

Rockpile junction to Maiden Peak Shelter – 21 miles (33km) – 1914 miles total

I got up early-ish with the hope of Shelter Cove resort beckoning. The hike to Shelter Cove was nice and easy. A short uphill, then down to the Resort. Shelter Cove is a little resort on Odell Lake, with cabins to rent and a little store and restaurant.

When I got to the resort F, R and K were there which was a great surprise to see them again. We sat around catching up before they hiked out. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed so I had to make do with ice cream, a pastry and chips for lunch 😫. Oh, well no fresh food for me.

I showered and did Laundry at the resort, then resupplied at the store. By that time it was time to hike out again. I left the resort at four to do 8 more miles to a ski cabin.

The cabin is really nice, but does have a resident mouse. I have hung my bags and hope it leaves me alone tonight.

Today I am thankful for cabins.

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