PCT Day 122

Maidu Lake to Rockpile Junction – 28 miles (45km) – 1893 miles total

Without meaning to I slept in today. It is getting harder to get up in the morning as we go further north and summer draws to a close the sun rises later, meaning my tent remains inviting longer in the morning. I finally got going about 7.20am only 20 minutes earlier than the previous day when I meant to sleep in.

It was a pretty morning with lakes in the distance and cool pine trees with moss growing on them making for a cool effect. I made it to a dirt road crossing where there was a water cache thanks to a generous trail angel. We then went 4 more miles for lunch which was a cool spot with an outlook of a lake.

Moss Trees

The trail then descended a lot to summit lake, which was cool to walk along and we got an orange from a person who was leaving the car campground.

By that time it was 6pm and we only made it 3 more miles before setting up camp.

Today I am thankful for ponds as water sources

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