PCT Day 121

Grouse Hill Campsite to Maidu Lake -26 miles (42km) – 1865 miles total

Today was a lot of pine forest walking, interspersed by a few cool things.

We slept in and didn’t start hiking until after 7.30am. The first 8 miles through to a water cache were all in the forest. Then it was a climb up to the junction to Mt Thielsen where we had lunch. My Thielsen was pretty cool to look at and there were heaps of day hikers around who were climbing up to the summit.

Mt Thielsen

After that the trail went back into the trees, but climbed to the highest point in Oregon on the PCT at 7573ft. It wasn’t anything special, but I enjoyed it and there was a great campsite shortly after with good views, where I stopped and enjoyed some service. After that it was down hill to camp, where the mozzies were so the tent went up.

This means it is all downhill to Canada, right!?

Today I am thankful for cool looking mountains.

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