PCT Day 119

Squaw Lake to 1810 campsite – 29 miles (46 km) – 1810 miles total

Today was another nice Oregon day without too much to note. The trail was lovely through the forest in the morning and then the climb started but it was well graded. I stopped half way up the climb as there was service and update the blog as I heard there was no service in Crater Lake.

After that we decided to do 7 miles to the next water source for lunch. What should take just over two hours to do always takes more when you want to stop for lunch. The trail then became steeper and rocky.

After lunch it was a 20 mile water carry into Crater Lake the next day, which meant we needed to carry enough to drink for the afternoon and next morning, plus enough to cook with at night. It was the most water, I’ve carried in a while and at 1kg per litre it makes my pack heavier than I like. However, it was fine and after walking through a burn area we arrived at camp, having almost done a 30 mile day.

Walking through burn forest

Today I am thankful for easy mile days.

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