PCT Day 118

Abandoned Rd to Squaw Lake – 28 miles (45km) – 1781 miles total

Another day in Oregon. The beauty of Oregon is that it is a lot flatter than other parts of the trail. There are still climbs but they don’t tend to last very long and they are not very steep. A hikers paradise. The down side of Oregon because you are not up very high is that you don’t get the expansive views and are in tree line for a lot of the day. That was my day today. Walking through forest.

The one change in scenery was in the middle of the day when we were close to Mt McLoughlin and the trail changed to lava rock. I hate walking over rock, but thankfully the trail was ok in this section. The trail crews had done an amazing job of trying to make it as smooth as possible.

At a road crossing it was a two mile hitch down to a resort and burgers. We were so tempted, but ultimately decided to do more miles now, so that we would get into crater lake earlier in a few days time.

Today I am thankful for trail crews.

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