PCT Day 117

Pilot Rock to abandoned Rd – 28 miles (45km) – 1753 miles total

It was a nice sunrise over Mt Shasta this morning and Pilot Rock. There is not much to report from today. The trail was mostly in the trees, which was nice it meant the temperature was slightly cooler than it would have otherwise been.

The morning went by fairly quickly before lunch at Hyatt Reservoir Outlet. In the afternoon I took a side trail down to a camp to use the pit toilet and then walked the side trail for a bit longer. During the afternoon I got a really bad stomach ache, so I ate something thinking I might be hungry, but that didn’t help. I trudged along to the established campground, where I was able to have a proper break and take some painkillers. That helped, although I’m not sure what the cause was.

Hyatt Reservoir

I stayed at the campground for nearly an hour. Charged my phone in the toilet block and cooked some dinner before continuing on another 3 miles to camp. I am cowboyed again tonight. There are mozzies around, but I’m too lazy to set up my tent.


Today i am thankful for established campsites.

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