PCT Day 115-116

Day 115 – Ashland

It was our first full day off since a month ago in South Lake Tahoe. It was glorious. We slept in. I walk 200m to do laundry and sat I. The laundromat watching some TV on my phone. Then we did a late lunch at a bar and lounge. Cheesecake and a cocktail is good for lunch, right!?

Lunch time cocktail, I know how to do town.

After that I went to the supermarket to resupply for the next leg and a couple of stretches ahead in Oregon which don’t have good stores. Then we watched Notting Hill on TV and went out for Mexican again. One successful day off.

Day 116 – Ashland to Pilot Rock Lookout – 7 miles (11km) – 1724 miles total

Again we slept in after I was up way past hiker midnight the night before watching a show I had never seen ‘impractical jokers’. Ah, America, such crazy TV. After breakfast we packed up and headed to downtown Ashland, which was really cute and pretty. I got some extra things at the outfitters. I wear through socks every other week! Then to the post office to send my resupplies ahead. Then it was time for lunch. By the time we finished all of that it was time to head back to the trail and do a few miles before it became dark.

Tonight we are camped at an overlook for pilot rock, which also has views of mount Shasta. It should be really cool tonight and in the morning at sunrise.

Pilot Rock

Today I am thankful for days off.

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