PCT Day 113

Abandoned structure to Cabin Remains – 29 miles (46km) – 1690 miles total

Today was a great day, mostly because of trail reunion.

Sleeping in the old building with no roof wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was super windy when I arrived despite having 4 walls and the door shut. However, the wind died down around 10pm allowing for a good night sleep and picked up again around 5am when it was time to wake anyway. Because of the wind it was cold, so I started hiking in my fleece, but soon became warm.

Slept in that building!

There was a lot of uphill today, but it mostly wasn’t too bad. There isn’t a lot to report from the scenery. Except that I saw a new mountain for the first time.

There were Thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon. Just before lunch I started to hear thunder in the distance and a spit of rain. I pushed onto our lunch spot and quickly ate. As I finished eating and putting things back away in my bag the thunderstorm happened. It was right over head. Hail came down and the lightning and thunder were almost instantaneous with each other. All we could do was huddle under the trees and hope those trees were not going to get struck.

After about 20 minutes it eased and I started hiking again. It was a lovely afternoon. I walked the forestry road next to the trail and enjoyed striding out. The plan was to get to an old cabin to be out of and thunderstorms tonight. Just before the cabin I saw W who I hiked with in the desert. I convinced her to come back to the cabin for the night with me to catch up. It was great spending the night with her.

Huts to sleep in and Reunion

Tonight there are cows with bells outside the cabin. Hopefully the bongalling doesn’t stop me from sleeping.

That bell won’t be annoying all night at all 😒

Today I am thankful for trail reunions.

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