PCT Day 112

Mile 1638 campsite to old abandoned building – 23 miles (37km) -1661 miles total

I got started at 6am wanting to do the 17 miles into town for lunch. Because it was all down hill it wasn’t too bad. The trail was slightly overgrown and I could have been walking through poison oak since I have no idea what it looks like. It was a nice walk along the river and then out on a road. When I was about a mile from town a pick up drove past saying do you want a ride, I was about to say no, when I saw D in the back. D who gives me crap for getting off trail and walking on roads that parallel the trail because it is faster, was hitching. So of course I hitched the mile too.

Morning walking along the river

At the cafe I had a milkshake that looked like a unicorn pooped it, with purple sprinkles on top. I got a small resupply and then headed to the tavern to wait out the heat of the day before attempting the ridiculous climb out of seied valley.

A unicorn pooped on top of this milkshake

The climb wasn’t too bad, just slow because of how steep it is. Tonight I am camped on a hill in an abandoned old building. Creepy as!

Today I am thankful for taverns with AC.

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