PCT Day 109

South Fork Scott River to Etna – 20 miles (32km)

Town day is always exciting. However, there were still a lot of miles to do to get to town and the terrain didn’t make it easy for us.

There were a lot of steep ups today and then down and then more steep ups. However, today was beautiful. Ridge walking. Side of mountain walking with views for ages. Even walking through a burn section was beautiful. After lunch there was a steep climb up (surprise!) as I rounded a corner, there was a beautiful lake below. If that lake had been a bit closer I would have gone down to it to cool off, it looked that inviting.

Lake I wanted to jump in

When we got to the road, we sat there for a good half hour and no cars came by. Finally one did and it gave us a lift into town. Where we ate our fill at the brewery. Then delighted in a shower and laundry. Then there was more eating. I am so full now, I think I may not need to eat again.

Today I am thankful for beautiful lakes.

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