PCT Day 107

Picayune Spring to ridge campsite – 25 miles (40km) – 1551 miles total

With the others behind, I purposely didn’t set an alarm. Knowing if I slept in that would give them a chance to catch up. However I still woke up naturally just before 6am and was walking by 7am.

I took my time, stopping to take photos and download podcasts, when I had service on a ridgeline. It was nice knowing I had a bit more time and took plenty of breaks.

Morning break spot

The day started with a slight up hill for 7 miles but nothing taxing. The rest of the day was mostly level or down hill. I had lunch at a trailhead car park. I was hoping someone might be there with sodas but alas it wasn’t to be. However, I did get a 3 musketeer off of some hikers who were returning to their car.

There were lots of little lakes today. I had a thought of going down to one in the afternoon to use a bit more time for the others to catch up. However, once I got there I wasn’t hot, despite it being quite hot in the sun earlier. So I just had a test and didn’t swim.

Bill lake and Mt Shasta

I am cowboy camped on a ridgeline tonight with 360 degree views and a great sun set. D rocked up an hour and a half later. However, I question if we are going to see B.

Sunset view from my camp spot

Today I am thankful for easy terrain and a lower mileage day to have lots of breaks.

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