PCT Day 106

Castella to Picayune Spring – 25 miles (40km) – 1526 miles total

The morning was lovely. I got to sleep in and wake up naturally. Of course my natural wake up was 6.30am, but that is a lot better than waking up at 5am.

I didn’t start hiking until 10am. The plan was 9. D started hiking, but I waited around for B who was a hot mess getting ready with stuff everywhere. D went back to the PCT via a path through the campground. B and I walked back to the store, up a road and took a spur trail to rejoin the PCT, consequently we ended up in front of D. The plan was for 25 miles today. That was a mistake as it was stinkin’ hot, the trail was exposed and there was over 4000ft of elevation gain.

View of castle Crags once u the climb. If you look closely you can see the trail switch backing its way up part of the crags.

The views were great, but it was very hot in the sun on the climb. I made it to the lunch spot with water at 3pm. B showed up just before 4 having stopped earlier for lunch. With still 11 miles to do and an average of 2.5 miles per hour in the heat and uphill, B didn’t think she’d make it, so I said if she didn’t I’d see her tomorrow and put my head down to do the 11 miles, which did take 4 hours with the heat, rocky ground and uphill climb. I stumbled into camp at 8pm to a beautiful sunset.

Today I am thankful for sleeping in.

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