PCT Day 105

Mile 1477 campsite to Castella – 24 miles (38km) – 1501 miles total

One of the great things about today was that there was a lot of downhill. There were also comments about numerous bear sightings in the area, so I was keeping my eyes peeled but saw nothing. Then at camp tonight another hiker said he saw a mother bear and cub!

I was on a mission today, since it was town day. 24 miles to town, plus a 2 mile trail into town. There were great views of Mt Shasta again today and I knocked out 18 miles by lunch. Leaving 6 into town. Town is a bit of a push, it is really a gas station and campsite, but it was all that was needed to resupply. When I got to the road I tried to hitch but there were no cars, so I walked the 2 miles. I sat outside the gas station eating food and drinking Gatorade while updating the blog. I then walked to the campground where I showered and hand rinsed my clothes. So much dirt comes out of them. I then settled in for the night and watched an episode of parks and rec on my phone, while eating dinner. I’d say this is the life, but I had to walk 26 miles and everything aches, particularly my feet.

Squaw Valley Creek

Today I am thankful for downhill and gas stations.

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