PCT Day 104

Moosehead Creek to mile 1477 campsite – 30 miles (48 km) – 1477 miles total

Today was a good day. A nondescript day and a long day. My longest day since the desert and I feel it. The trail in the morning was a gradual up, then plateau of small ups and downs with view of mount Shasta. Then the trail sidled mountains for the rest of the day, mostly in tree line. Which was good as it was hot. I knew it was a 30 mile day so I planned to knock out 20 by lunch leaving 10 after lunch, which is the most I can usually manage in the afternoon. I got the 20 done by 1.15pm and had lunch by a stream where I soaked my feet.

More views of Mt Shasta

The last 10 miles were slow, but I made it to camp before 7pm. There are a gazillion mosquitoes, so I set up my tent and got in and am currently doing everything from my tent.

Today I am thankful for tents.

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