PCT Day 102

Cache 22 to Burney Falls Campground – 26 miles (42km) – 1419 miles total.

I woke up this morning and had completely forgotten that it was my birthday until Ka started singing. Then I got excited.

On the walk out, there was service to check all my messages from home. The hiking for today was pretty good, either flat or down hill. There was a cooler along the trail with a cold soda in it. Then we made it to Burney Mountain Ranch by lunch. They had a small store and I went crazy. Soda, Gatorade, milk and an ice cream. Plus gas and Purell both of which I didn’t realise I was nearly out of until after leaving town.

Trail Magic

Birthday selfie with Duke

The afternoon was a hot hike to Burney Falls. Where I was going to get another Gatorade but the store wasn’t open. However, at dinner I was surprised with a mountain house dessert packet. Chocolate cheesecake. It was more like moose but it was still good and they had taped a candle to it for me.

Burney Falls

It was a really good day, both for hiking and celebrating a birthday on trail.

Today I am thankful for friends.

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