PCT Day 101

Old Station to Cache 22 – 20 miles (32km) – 1393 miles total.

Ka Dad drove us all back out to Old Station in the morning. We started hiking around 10 and made it 3 miles to the cafe up the road in Old Station. I was going to hang out there with B for a bit and then hike a shorter day as B has really bad blisters and needed the rest. But when we got to the cafe, she decided to hitch to Burney and meet us there tomorrow as she needed to have a complete rest.

So that meant I was hiking another 17 miles to the next water with the others. It was a hot, exposed waterless stretch. So I just kept chugging along. There was nothing much to report from the stretch. Except fires from Oregon are causing smoke in the area, which means our views of Mt Shasta are obscured.

Hot, dry and exposed

It was still hot when I made it to the water and camp. So I cooked dinner, then set up camp. Cowboying again

Today I am thankful for water tanks.

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