PCT Day 100

Lassen Park Boundry to Old Station – 8 miles (12km) – 1373 miles total

We needed to do the 8 miles down to Old Station by 9.30am to meet Ka who was taking us into Redding to stay at her parents house for the night. I crushed those miles and got to the general store where I downed a strawberry and chocolate milk, plus a packet of m&m’s -750 calories right there.

Then Ka pulled up in a pick up. It was good to see her and S again. K, R and F were hiking on. Hopefully we will see them up the trail again.

In Redding we went to Chipotle, which everyone had been raving about. I have to admit it was pretty good. Then we did our chores. We went to the outfitter and supermarket to resupply. I got insoles for my shoes. I am hoping that might help with the ache I get in my right foot, but I have a feeling it is just a symptom of hiking big mile days and the only solution is to not.

When we finished all our chores it was off to Ka and straight into the pool. It was a lovely afternoon and evening. It felt like Christmas in Australia. Summer time, by the pool, good food, around friends and family.

We ended the night in the hot tub before going to bed.

Today I am thankful for friends who open up their homes to stinky hikers.

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