PCT Day 98

Little Cub Spring to North Fork Feather River – 25 miles (40km) – 1340 miles total

Due to getting into camp late last night we had a sleep in and left camp at 7. My cowboying experience was fine. No bugs that I am aware of and a lovely starry sky to stare at.

There was a 6 mile climb first thing in the morning, but it wasn’t too steep, then it was only a couple of miles to the mid point marker of the PCT. We have walked half the trail. Now to repeat. I had a photo shoot at the mid way point doing my usual jump shot. We also danced to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer.

Halfway! 💥

The plan was for D and B to hitch into Chester as they had to go to the post office and I was going to hike on with R and F but I got sucked in by the mention of milkshakes. We cruised the 8 miles downhill to the road and got a hitch into town with another hiker.

We went to Subway and enjoyed a foot long sandwich, cookies and a large drink. The others then went and did chores while I walked to the Shake place. However, the power went off in the entire town just as I went to order. So no milkshake for me. Instead I went across the road to the gas station and got a coke and ice cream.

The others came back and we got a hitch back out with some high schoolers. The plan was to be walk 10 miles and camp. I was then going to get up super early, before Dawns crack to catch R and F at Drakesbad resort for breakfast. However, as I was walking along the trail I saw R and F camping at the 9 mile point from the road. So much for them doing a 30 mile day. 25 it was for all of us. Instead we are going to sleep in until 7 again and make it to Drakesbad before lunch for the hot springs and then lunch.

Today in am thankful for half way celebrations.

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