PCT Day 97

Chips Creek to Little Cub Spring – 26 miles (42km) – 1315 miles total

We started at 6am with hopes to get the 11.5 mile, 5000ft climb done before the heat of the day. It was a good theory and it worked, but it was still a long climb. I was over the climb by 2 miles before the top.

We then descended a little bit to a water source for lunch. By that point in the day we had already done 15 miles and the plan was to do another 10 to camp. I was optimistic at that point, but I shouldn’t have been. I should have learnt from the other day 9.4 miles after lunch was too much making us get into camp late. It was the same for today. The 10 miles took me through to just after 7.30pm. Which is late to get into camp, cook and do chores. I need to learn 12 hour hiking days and no more are the best.

On the plus side there were lots of lovely purple flowers along the trail today and R caught up, so it was great to see him again.

I’m cowboy camped tonight, so here’s hoping for no creepy Crawleys

Today I am thankful for purple flowers.

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