PCT Day 96

Bucks summit to Chips Creek Trail – 21 miles (33 km) – 1289 miles

It was a lovely sleep in until we realised that we needed to get moving in order to do 20 miles. However, we were not leaving town until we’d had breakfast. We left the motel and got a hitch straight away for the mike into town. Then it was off to the cafe for breakfast, where I had the best chai latte I’ve had in the states, it was so good I ordered another one.

We then found out that our friend R was in town. So I called him, but he was up the other end of town and staying for lunch. So we hitched back to trail. We again got a hitch straight away with a guy heading up to Bucks lake with his chocolate lab puppy. I was in heaven.


The first half of the day was rolling up and down and the trail register said that our other friend F was just ahead. So at the summit when I had service I texted to say where we planned to camp.

The trail then went down, down, down into the small town of Belden, which is mostly just an RV Park and Bar, with small store attached. We got into Belden and found F at the bar. It was great to catch up with her for a bit.

We finally left the bar at 7.30pm with plans to do 2 more miles. F was going to push on a bit more wanting to get some of the climb done. It is a 13.5 mile 5000ft climb out of Belden, but that is tomorrows problem for us. At camp it was such a nice temperature, because we are at low elevation that I was going to cowboy camp. I set up my sleeping pad on the ground and went off to the river to get water, as I did, I encountered a rattlesnake. 🙅‍♀️ no deal, I’m not cowboying and I return to put up my tent that protects me from nature.

Today I am thankful for catching up with friends.

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