PCT Day 94

Whiskey Spring to 2 miles after Bear Creek – 22 miles (35km) – 1254 miles total

Today was a nice day. It had a reasonable amount of down in it. Was in the forest most of the day and had a couple of rivers to cool off in.

River joy

As we were getting ready B decided she needed more sleep and would meet us at camp at the end of the day. We crushed some miles in the morning. We had to watch our water as there were very few water sources for the first 12 miles. The trail crosses a few roads today, but none with any traffic. We stopped for lunch st one of theses roads. Then pressed on 2.6 more miles to middle fork feather river. A fairly major river, where I tried to wash my legs particularly as best I could. It’s been 9 days since I’ve showered and I feel gross. I also had a nap on the shore of the river for 10 minutes it was great.

It was then a lot of up hill to Bear Creek and campsite of Mosquito hell. I set my tent up and got straight in as the little buggers swarm outside.

Today I am thankful for rivers.

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