PCT Day 92

Sierra City to Packsaddle Campground – 12 miles (19km) – 1207 miles total

I had a good nights sleep cowboyed on the lawn chair and had a great sleep in, waking up at about 7am. We slowly packed our gear up, then went down to the Red Moose Cafe for breakfast.

Sierra City

We had a lovely lazy breakfast. Then went to the general store to resupply. They didn’t have a lot of options but it is only 3 days to Quincy, so it is easy to make do off of what they had.

As we were packing up our resupply it started getting hot, so I suggested waiting until 3pm to hike out when it would start getting cooler soon after. So it was decided 12 miles in the afternoon/evening and lunch in town.

Back to the Red Moose Cafe we went and I had a lovely chicken salad. As I was walking back to the general store I ran into K who had pulled big miles to catch up. It was great to hang out with him and hear what they had been up to since we had last seen them before Yosemite.

Before we knew it, it was 3pm and time to hitch back to trail. Within a few minutes we had a ride the mile and a half back and set off up the 3000ft climb. It really wasn’t too bad, the first half was within the shade of the forest. The second half was on an exposed mountain side but it was starting to get a bit cooler by then. The worst was that the second half of the climb was on rocky track, which slows you down.

No Mum, I’m not hitching! 😉

From the top of the climb, the 4ish miles down to the campsite went quickly.

Today I am thankful for waiting out the heat in town.

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